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A few words about us



Philosophy - longing for culinary enjoyment


The longing for culinary enjoyment and the preference for fine caviar have been a companion of human nature since his lifetime.

The Caviar House Perunov Caviar strives to meet your wishes and to offer the highest quality caviar. The caviar is selected by a long-standing caviar expert, which means that the Perunov caviar is of a remarkably consistent quality. We offer you exquisite and hand-picked products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition to the world-famous black caviar Beluga caviar, Imperial caviar, Sevruga caviar and Osietra caviar (Ossetra / Asetra), we offer you the rare white caviar (Almas) and the rare Iranian sturgeon caviar. Our red caviar (Keta salmon caviar) comes from Alaska and only from wild catches. This red caviar, like our black caviar, is kept at the highest level by regular controls by the caviar growing facilities. (CITES certification)




Quality - tradition meets modernity


The high quality of the sturgeon caviar and salmon caviar from Perunov Caviar is no coincidence - it is created where tradition and innovation meet.

In our tech aqua farms selected worldwide, the sturgeons are raised and harvested in species-appropriate and environmentally friendly animal husbandry. This gentle approach to sturgeon breeding influences the quality of our caviar to a great extent and corresponds to our philosophy “Enjoyment without a remorse”.


Just as sturgeon roe is refined in the old Malossol tradition, we bring an extravagant moment of pleasure into your life. True to the motto: "Caviar up your life!" Whichever delicious delicacy or type of caviar you should choose - our products are a homage to life itself.









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